Salvation Sauce Garlic Serrano Hot Sauce bottle showcases its divine label design, featuring rich biblical themes and a prominent Bible verse. The bottle stands boldly against a crisp white background, highlighting every captivating detail.

SS16 Salvation Sauce Garlic Serrano Hot Sauce

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9.00 Ounces

Welcome to the world of Salvation Sauce, where bold flavors and divine heat come together in every bottle! Our Garlic Serrano Hot Sauce is a fiery concoction that boasts a quick Serrano lime bite and a lingering wave of garlic, culminating in a satisfying red Habanero burn.

Crafted from a blend of red Habanero and green Serrano chile peppers, fresh garlic, zesty lime, and a touch of vinegar and salt, this sauce is a testament to versatility. Its robust flavor profile, coupled with a substantial 7 out of 10 heat level, promises an exciting journey of taste and heat.

Dive into the versatility of Salvation Sauce Garlic Serrano Hot Sauce – its bold flavors make it the perfect match for everything! Whether drizzled over tacos, stirred into soups, or used as a marinade, this sauce elevates every dish it touches.

Presented in our iconic 5oz bottle, each Salvation Sauce comes adorned with a Bible keychain, symbolizing our commitment to delivering flavors that are nothing short of a heavenly experience.

Experience the boldness of garlic, the vibrant bite of Serrano lime, and the exhilarating burn of red Habanero with Salvation Sauce Garlic Serrano Hot Sauce – a sauce that pairs flawlessly with every culinary creation.