Salvation Sauce Caribbean Lime Hot Sauce bottle showcases its divine label design, featuring rich biblical themes and a prominent Bible verse. The bottle stands boldly against a crisp white background, highlighting every captivating detail.

SS15 Salvation Sauce Caribbean Lime Hot Sauce

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Discover a taste of the Caribbean with Salvation Sauce Caribbean Lime Hot Sauce! A burst of zesty lime coupled with the quick bite of green Serrano chile peppers creates a vibrant and flavorful sauce that's sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Crafted from the freshest green Serrano chile peppers and tangy lime, this sauce embodies the essence of the Caribbean in every drop. Its lively and bright flavor profile, coupled with a moderate 5 out of 10 heat level, promises a delightful balance of zest and heat.

This versatile sauce is a perfect companion for your culinary adventures, especially when paired with chicken, fish, or pork. Elevate your dishes to new heights as the Caribbean Lime Hot Sauce infuses them with a burst of tropical flavor.

Packaged in our signature 5oz bottle and adorned with a Bible keychain, each bottle of Salvation Sauce represents our dedication to delivering flavors that elevate your palate to heavenly realms.

Embrace the vibrant tastes of the Caribbean, savor the zingy lime, and feel the exhilarating bite of Serrano peppers with Salvation Sauce Caribbean Lime Hot Sauce – a true taste of paradise in every drop!