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HS15 Caribbean Lime Hot Sauce with Custom label

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Discover our renowned sauces, known for their exceptional flavor and quality, and available for private labeling through Branded Sauces. Countless unique labels, businesses, and organizations have harnessed the excellence of this beloved sauce to elevate their offerings. This versatile sauce isn’t just a culinary delight—it's a powerful tool for your marketing and sales strategies. Add your custom branding effortlessly and infuse your brand identity into this exceptional product, whether for resale or to bolster your marketing initiatives. Embrace this distinctive taste tailored perfectly to expand your brand.

Introducing our Caribbean Lime Hot Sauce—a zesty explosion of tangy lime and a swift kick from Serrano chiles! This sauce is a vibrant and flavorful companion that beautifully complements chicken, fish, and pork dishes, adding a burst of Caribbean zest to every bite.

Our Caribbean Lime Hot Sauce harmonizes the zing of fresh Lime with the lively heat of Green Serrano Chile Peppers. This delightful combination promises a tangy and spicy experience that enhances dishes with a burst of citrusy brightness and a satisfying kick of heat.

Intensity: With a heat rating of 5/10, this sauce strikes the perfect balance, offering a moderate yet exciting heat level that amplifies the flavors without overwhelming the palate.
Versatility: An ideal accompaniment for a range of dishes, from adding a zesty punch to grilled chicken or fish tacos to elevating the flavor profile of marinated pork chops, unlocking the vibrant tastes of the Caribbean in every bite.
Quality Ingredients: Crafted from premium green Serrano chile peppers, freshly squeezed Lime, Vinegar, a touch of sugar, and the perfect blend of Salt, ensuring a natural and vibrant flavor profile without any artificial additives.
Usage Suggestions: Experience the tangy zest and bold heat by generously drizzling this Caribbean Lime Hot Sauce over grilled chicken, fish, or pork dishes. Spice up your marinades, salad dressings, or even use it as a zesty dipping sauce for a taste of the Caribbean in every meal!


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    Great Taste

    Posted by Tyson Johnson on 30th Mar 2024

    Our UGA Tap-Out Sauce in the Caribbean Lime flavor is fantastic. It has quickly become our 2nd top seller after the Garlic Serrano sauce. Just the right amount of heat to go with amazing lime flavor.