Image showcasing the Danny Cash bottle on a white background with a superimposed label, highlighting every aspect of the label design, presenting various elements of this vibrant and flavorful Six Pepper Blend.

DC62 Danny Cash Six Pepper Blend 5oz

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Prepare your taste buds for an explosion of fiery flavor with our Six Pepper Blend! A powerhouse combination of peppers awaits, ready to elevate your dishes to thrilling new heights. Crafted with a carefully balanced medley of Pequin, Caribe, Jalapeno, Bell, Chipotle, and Ghost Pepper, this blend brings the perfect heat to your culinary creations.

Embrace the heat level of 8 out of 10 and add a fiery kick to your favorite foods – from zesty pizzas and comforting pastas to hearty stews, sandwiches with a punch, creamy mac & cheese, and anything else craving an intense burst of flavor.

Our blend doesn't just stop at spiciness; it introduces a symphony of flavors, each pepper adding its unique essence to the mix. The blend is enriched with the boldness of Pequin, the Caribbean flair of Caribe, the familiar zing of Jalapeno, the smoky allure of Chipotle, and the tantalizing heat of Ghost Pepper.

Complemented by just a touch of Canola Oil, this blend ensures the flavors are not just intense but well-balanced, allowing you to savor the complexity of the peppers without overwhelming your palate.

Get ready to spice up your culinary adventures with our Six Pepper Blend. Unleash its fiery charisma and transform every meal into a flavor-packed sensation that leaves you craving for more.


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