Image showcasing the Danny Cash bottle on a white background with a superimposed label, highlighting every aspect of the label design, presenting various elements of this vibrant and flavorful Habanero Mustard.

DC31 Danny Cash Habanero Mustard

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Introducing the zesty allure of our Habanero Mustard, a fiery blend of fresh habanero and serrano chiles paired with garlic, creating an exceptional spicy mustard. This condiment elevates sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, and adds a fiery kick to egg, chicken, or potato salads.

Our Habanero Mustard once known as "Flaming Habanero" intertwines the bold flavors of fresh habanero and serrano chiles with garlic, infusing a burst of spice that ignites the taste buds with every spread or dollop.

Intensity: Commanding a bold 6/10 on the heat scale, this mustard delivers a fiery kick that flawlessly complements its robust and savory profile.
Versatility: Beyond being a sandwich staple, this mustard adds a fiery depth to burgers, hot dogs, and serves as a standout ingredient in egg, chicken, or potato salads.
Quality Ingredients: Mustard (vinegar, mustard seed, salt, turmeric, paprika, spices), Habanero & Serrano chile peppers, vinegar, garlic, lime, and salt, with sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate added to keep it fresh without refrigeration after opening.
Usage Suggestions: Elevate your meals by spreading this mustard on sandwiches or using it as a condiment for burgers and hot dogs. Add a zing to salads or deviled eggs by incorporating this fiery mustard, transforming ordinary dishes into extraordinary culinary delights.
Wholesale pricing for private-label sauces can be found here: CO31 HABANERO MUSTARD WITH CUSTOM LABEL
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    Posted by Craig on 15th Feb 2024

    Bought this with the ketchup to spice up the bbq and it didn’t disappoint. Great to add a kick to normal mustard.