Image showcasing the Danny Cash bottle on a white background with a superimposed label, highlighting every aspect of the label design, presenting various elements of this vibrant and flavorful Garlic Ghost Soy Sauce.

DC40 Danny Cash Garlic Ghost Soy Sauce

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Step into a world of intense flavor with our Garlic Ghost Soy Sauce—a daring fusion of smoke, garlic, and the fiery essence of ghost chiles, amplifying the rich profile of soy sauce and unveiling a whole new realm of culinary possibilities.

Our Garlic Ghost Soy Sauce skillfully melds the deep umami of soy sauce with the smoky allure of liquid smoke, the robustness of garlic, and the intense heat of ghost chile and habanero peppers, creating a sauce that redefines boldness in every drop.

Intensity: Boasting a scorching 10/10 on the heat scale, this soy sauce doesn't hold back, delivering an intense heat that lingers on the taste buds.
Versatility: Beyond traditional soy sauce, this bold concoction opens doors to a diverse range of culinary applications, transforming dishes into flavorful masterpieces.
Quality Ingredients: Soy sauce, Ghost chile and Habanero peppers, garlic, liquid smoke, citric acid, potassium sorbate, and sodium benzoate, creating a fiery blend that pushes boundaries.
Usage Suggestions: Elevate your culinary creations by using this sauce as a bold marinade for meats, a zesty addition to stir-fries, or as a flavor booster for soups and gravies. Embrace the fiery heat and rich depth of flavors in every dish you create.
Wholesale pricing for private-label sauces can be found here: CO40 GARLIC GHOST SOY SAUCE WITH CUSTOM LABEL
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    Soy sauce but better

    Posted by Sierra on 15th Feb 2024

    I got this for a sushi night at home, and it was great. Has quite a kick I was sweating by the end of the meal haha. But it was very good had a great smoky burn.