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DC39 Danny Cash Garlic Ghost Ranch

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Prepare for a daring adventure with our Garlic Ghost Ranch—a dipping sauce that transcends boundaries with its fiery blend of ghost chile and habanero peppers, adding a thrilling heat to classic ranch. Perfect for chicken tenders, fries, hush puppies, and for the brave souls, a wild salad!

Our Garlic Ghost Ranch boldly blends the creamy richness of soybean oil, garlic, and egg yolks with the intense heat of ghost chile and habanero peppers, creating a sauce that delivers a fiery kick with every dip.

Intensity: Commanding a daring 10/10 on the heat scale, this ranch doesn't shy away from heat, offering an electrifying experience that ignites the palate.
Versatility: Primed as a dipping sauce, this fiery ranch pairs flawlessly with chicken tenders, fries, hush puppies, and dares the brave to venture into a wild salad experience.
Quality Ingredients: Soybean oil, garlic, vinegar, Ghost chile and Habanero peppers, sugar, egg yolks, salt, milk powders, a blend of spices, and a touch of salt,  with sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate added to keep it fresh without refrigeration after opening.
Usage Suggestions: Dive into a fiery flavor escapade by dipping chicken tenders, fries, or hush puppies into this bold ranch. For the daring, toss it into a wild salad, embracing the exhilarating heat that elevates every bite.
Wholesale pricing for private-label sauces can be found here: CO39 GARLIC GHOST RANCH WITH CUSTOM LABEL