Danny Cash Holiday Heat Naughty Gift Pack

Danny Cash Holiday Heat Naughty Gift Pack

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33.00 Ounces

? Introducing the Danny Cash Holiday Heat Naughty Gift Pack! ?

Get ready to add some sizzle to your celebrations with our trio of tantalizing hot sauces that are sure to make the naughty list of flavors!

Krampus: Ghost Sriracha (Heat 10/10) - Unleash the fiery spirit of the holidays with this bold and tangy Ghost Sriracha sauce. Its heat level might just rival that of the mischievous Krampus himself, adding a punch of spice to any dish.

Cringe: Coconut Ghost (Heat 15/10) - Brace yourself for an exotic twist! Our Coconut Ghost sauce brings together the tropical allure of coconut with the intense heat of ghost peppers, creating an irresistibly bold and daring flavor profile that will make taste buds tingle.

Scrooge: Scorpion Reaper (Heat 27/10) - This sauce is not for the faint-hearted! The Scorpion Reaper blend embodies the sting of the scorpion pepper and the heat of the reaper, combining to create a sauce so hot, even Scrooge himself might crack a smile.

Packaged in a festive holiday-themed trio, the Danny Cash Holiday Heat Naughty Gift Pack is the perfect gift for spicy food enthusiasts or a daring addition to your own culinary adventures. Embrace the heat and make this holiday season one to remember with our daringly delicious hot sauce collection!

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