Image displaying Danny Cash's Low Heat Quick Pick, showcasing a collection of flavor-forward items with gentle heat levels. Bottles and jars of Smoky Herb Seasoning (1/10 heat), Sriracha (4/10 heat), Mango Pineapple (4/10 heat), Southwestern Green Chile Salsa (3/10 heat), Original Bloody Mary (1/10 heat), Asian BBQ/Teriyaki Marinade (3/10 heat), and Chicago Style Hot Dog Sauce (2/10 heat) promise nuanced flavors without overwhelming spice. A thoughtfully curated selection crafted for flavor enthusiasts seeking delightful tastes with a perfect balance of mild heat.

Low Heat Quick Pick

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Calling all flavor enthusiasts seeking a delightful pop of taste without the fiery aftermath – our Low Heat Quick Pick is crafted exclusively for you! Dive into a world of savory goodness where flavor takes the lead without overwhelming heat.

This carefully curated selection comprises a range of low-heat delights, ensuring every item adds a burst of flavor to your culinary creations without setting your mouth on fire. Whether it's a mild kick or a hint of spice, this pack is designed for those who relish nuanced flavors.

The Smoky Herb Seasoning leads the pack with its aromatic blend that enhances dishes without intense heat, followed by the vibrant Sriracha and Mango Pineapple sauces that offer a gentle tingle of heat at 4 out of 10. Explore the tangy zest of the Southwestern Green Chile Salsa, a perfect accompaniment for chips or as a topping.

For libation enthusiasts, the Original Bloody Mary offers the classic taste without overwhelming spice, while the Asian BBQ/Teriyaki Marinade brings a touch of sweet sophistication to your dishes. Round off your culinary journey with the mild yet delightful Chicago Style Hot Dog Sauce, adding a unique flair to your meals.

Experience a world where flavor shines brightly without scorching heat with our Low Heat Quick Pick. Revel in the exquisite tastes that elevate your meals, allowing you to enjoy every bite with a perfect balance of flavor and mild spice.


Flavor: Heat:
Smoky Herb Seasoning 1/10
Sriracha 4/10
Mango Pineapple 4/10
Southwestern Green Chile Salsa 3/10
Original Bloody Mary 1/10
Asian BBQ/ Teriyaki Marinade 3/10
Chicago Style Hot Dog Sauce 2/10