Image showcasing the Danny Cash bottle on a white background with a superimposed label, highlighting every aspect of the label design, presenting various elements of this vibrant and flavorful Tequila Pineapple BBQ sauce.

DC37 Danny Cash Tequila Pineapple BBQ

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Get ready to elevate every dish to a fiesta with our Tequila Pineapple BBQ sauce—a tantalizing blend of flavors that brings a party to your palate. Sugar, spice, and everything nice converge in this lively sauce, infused with the vibrant essence of tequila, lime, pineapple, and a medley of chile peppers, creating a BBQ sensation you'll want on everything!

Our Tequila Pineapple BBQ sauce expertly marries the tangy touch of vinegar, the sweetness of pineapple and sugar, and the smoky heat of chipotle, habanero, and cayenne peppers. Infused with the spirited kick of tequila and the zesty zest of pineapple, every dollop of this sauce ignites the taste buds with a burst of flavor.

Intensity: Embracing a mild 3/10 on the heat scale, this BBQ sauce offers a balanced warmth that amplifies its complex and zesty profile.
Versatility: Perfect as a brush-on marinade for shrimp or chicken on the grill, a glaze for meatloaf, or a zesty addition to burgers with onion rings, this sauce adds a fiesta of flavor to every dish.
Quality Ingredients: Vinegar, pineapple, sugar, tomato paste, Chipotle, Habanero, and Cayenne peppers, tequila, molasses, lime, salt, black pepper, onion, and garlic, with sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate added to keep it fresh without refrigeration after opening.
Usage Suggestions: Transform your BBQ game by brushing this lively sauce onto shrimp or chicken on the grill, or use it as a glaze for a mouthwatering meatloaf. Embrace the fiesta by adding it to burgers with crispy onion rings, ensuring every bite is a celebration of bold and zesty flavors.
Wholesale pricing for private-label sauces can be found here: CO37 TEQUILA PINEAPPLE BBQ WITH CUSTOM LABEL