My First Sauce: Bottled Up Anger

My First Sauce: Bottled Up Anger

Posted by Danny Cash on on 24th May 2023

I was born outside Chicago and spent my first ten years in the NW suburbs. Around age 10, my family moved to the foothills of the Denver area. Everything was different for a 6th grader, especially the food. Colorado didn't exactly have the quality of delicious fare that we had been accustomed to. I started asking for my parents to buy every BBQ sauce we could find, so I could try as many different flavors and heat levels as possible. This was in 1990...besides Eggo waffles and BubbleTape, food wasn't exciting. BBQ sauce though, and still a favorite to this day, KC Masterpiece, had a boldness that awakened my senses. 

I first tasted Melinda's Habanero Hot Sauce when I was 15. Things were elevated. From BBQ sauces to hot sauces, I couldn't get enough. I had a small collection of about 20 open sauces in the fridge before my mom started throwing them away because I was taking up too much fridge space.

At age 22, I needed something new in my life. I was making eggs in a Saturday morning and spun a little rack around of sauces and all of them looked the same. I threw the food away and went back to bed.

I got up a little later and looked at the labels of some of my sauces, went to the grocery store, grabbed some vital ingredients: chile peppers, vinegar, garlic, and lime; drove back home, and created something new...GARLIC SERRANO HOT SAUCE. I loved it. My friends loved it.

To this day, we've stayed true to that same mixture of ingredients and thousands of bottles of it every week. It is, and will most likely always be, our best seller.

DC16 Danny Cash Garlic Serrano Hot Sauce - 5oz